Becomes Flagship of Rear Admiral J.M. Higgins

Missouri at Inchon, Korea, became flagship of Rear Admiral J. M. Higgins, Commander Cruiser Division Five. Missouri arrives at Sasebo, Japan, where she became flagship of Vice Admiral A. D. Struble, commanding the US Seventh Fleet. 1st Marine Division commences embarking at Inchon for landings at Wonsan, Korea. Missouri along the east coast of Korea, protected carrier Valley Forge (CV-45). She left formation to bombard the Mitsubishi Iron Works and airfield in the Chongjin area. Missouri’s mighty guns rained destruction on the Tanchon area, severely damaging marshaling yards and partially destroyed a railroad bridge. Missouri headed a United Nations bombardment force against the North Korean cities of Chongjin and Tanchon and then served as flagship of Commander Joint Task Force Seven during the Amphibious landing at Wonsan. American Forces occupy Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. Navy Day off Wonsan, Korea. Missouri’s crew was entertained by Bob Hope, a great and thoughtful comedian always there, to serve, regardless of the conditions and distance from home.