We Remember

Our Association exists to maintain and promote a cohesive organization comprised of shipmates who have served on USS Missouri (BB-63).

Foster the Spirit

Our goal is to afford opportunities for communication and enjoyment among our members, and to perpetuate the camaraderie developed among men who have served aboard the Missouri and in the US Navy.

Sacrifices Made

Other purposes include serving as the focal point for preservation of artifacts, especially those relating to the Battleship. We aim to increase the awareness of and appreciate the sacrifices made, the ordeals endured, and the services rendered by US Navy sailors.

Join Us

If you are a former Missouri sailor or Marine and you aren’t yet a member of our association, we welcome you to join us now. We are a strong team of shipmates, sailors, and marines.

Did You Know?

BB-63 was the first American ship to destroy a major installation on Japan’s main islands.

She was the first American battleship to host a helicopter detachment.

Missouri was the first American battleship to reach Korean waters during the Korean conflict.

BB-63 was the first American battleship to circumnavigate the globe since the “Great White Fleet” 80 years before (and the Maine-class battleship USS Missouri BB-11 was part of that fleet).

We Remember

Rest in Peace Shipmates