Cease Fire Ends the Persian Gulf War

4/11/1991 UN cease-fire ends the Persian Gulf War.
4/14/1991 Missouri moored in Hobart, Tasmania, most southern port ever visited by a battleship.
5/3/1991 Missouri moored at the Pearl Harbor Naval Station.
5/6/1991 Missouri enroute to Long Beach in company with the frigate Ford.
5/13/1991 Missouri moored at the Long Beach Naval Station.
7/6/1991 Missouri anchored at Vancouver, British Columbia.
7/23/1991 Aboard Missouri, Rear Admiral Phillp Coady, USN, commander Cruiser-Destroyer Group Five, embarked for the Seattle-Vancouver visit.
7/24/1991 Missouri en route to Indian Island, Washington, in company with cruiser Antietam, supply ship Sacramento, destroyers and frigates.