Chaho-Tanchon to Chongjin

11/2/1952 Missouri hit the Chaho-Tanchon area with fierce gun-strikes for another five days.
11/7/1952 Missouri leaves combat zone of Korea for Japan.
11/14/1952 After replenishing, Missouri left Sasebo, Japan for Korea. She received by helicopter, Lt. General W. K. Harrison and Rear Admiral J. C. Daniel, members of the Advance Armistice Delegation, for transport to Wonsan.
11/15/1952 Missouri arrives at Wonsan.
11/17/1952 Missouri keeps her guns warm with a combined air and gun strike at Chongjin which was 55 miles south of the Manchurian border.
11/20/1952 Missouri, in Pusan Harbor, welcomes President Sighman Rhee who confers with Admiral Clarke.