Chernesky Becomes Commanding Officer

7/6/1988 Missouri moored in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Captain John J. Chernesky, USN, relieved Captain James A. Carney, USN, as commanding officer of the Missouri.
7/8/1988 Missouri under way for Exercise RimPac æ88 in the Hawaiian operating area.
7/26/1988 Missouri en route to Long Beach from exercises in Hawaii.
8/24/1988 Missouri en route to Coronado on dependents cruise.
8/27/1988 Missouri moored at the North Island Naval Air Station. On August 27, on board Missouri, Vice Admiral Robert K. U. Kihune, USN, relieved Vice Admiral George W. Davis, USN, as commander, Naval Surface Force Pacific.
8/30/1988 Shipmate Phillip D. Moyer, MA1, X4 Division, recalls when he retired from the US Navy, “I was piped over the side 30 Aug. 1988. Capt Chernisky was my CO.” He was the first Master-at-Arms 1st Class to retire from Missouri.
10/19/1988 Missouri under way during October in the California operating area for cruise missile training and evaluation.