Heading to Persian Gulf

1/1/1991 Missouri en route to Persian Gulf
1/3/1991 Missouri transited the Straight of Hormuz.
1/5/1991 Missouri at anchor at Manama, Bahrain.
1/12/1991 A deeply divided congress gave President Bush the authority to wage war in the Persian Gulf.
1/16/1991 Operation Desert Storm to drive the Iraqi forces out and liberate of Kuwait begins. Because of the time difference, it was early January 17 in the Persian Gulf when the attack began.
1/16/1991 USS Missouri (BB-63) is called into action in the Persian Gulf, firing her guns in anger for the first time since the Korean War. Between January 16 and March 3, Missouri fired twenty-eight Tomahawk missiles and 759 16-inch projectiles.
1/18/1991 Round the clock bombing of Iraqi targets continued in Operation Desert Storm.
1/20/1991 During the Gulf War, Iraqi missiles were shot down by US Patriot rockets as they approached Dhahran, Saudi Arabia; Iraqi television showed interviews with seven downed allied pilots, three of them American.
1/23/1991 General Colin Powell, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said allied forces achieved air superiority, and would focus air fire in Iraqi ground forces around Kuwait.
1/24/1991 Helicopters from USS Leftwich (DD 984) and USS Nicholas (FFG 47) recapture the first Kuwaiti territory from Iraqi forces.