Missouri Back to Korea

9/16/1952 Missouri transits the Panama Canal to Pacific Ocean enroute to Far East.
10/4/1952 Task Force 77 aircraft encounter MIG-15 aircraft for the first time.
10/17/1952 Missouri arrives Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan. Moored along side USS Iowa BB-61.
10/18/1952 VADM. J. J. Clark, Com 7th Fleet, shifts flag to USS Missouri.
10/25/1952 Missouri gives seagoing artillery support to the Republic of Korea troops in the Chaho-Tanchon area.
10/26/1952 Missouri continues gun strikes, Wonsan, Korea.
10/28/1952 Missouri continued to make swift runs from 25 miles off shore of Korea as she continued the √¶Cobra Patrol’ for the next five days.