Missouri in Okinawa

USS Missouri (BB-63) as part of Task Group 58.2, joined on air strikes against Okinawa. Missouri assigned to Task Group 59. Night 16 inch practice firing and war maneuvers. Task Force 59 returns to Ulithi and Missouri is assigned to USS Yorktown carrier task group. Missouri departed Ulithi setting course for Japanese mainland, in the screen of fast carriers. Iwo Jima was declared secured by the Allies. Missouri opened fire on a Japanese plane which burst into flames and crashed near carrier Intrepid. Later, Missouri splashed another enemy aircraft. Japanese planes again closed in on Missouri’s task group where the Mighty Mo shot down two more of the enemy. After refueling in Ulithi, Missouri provided cover for the retirement of USS Franklin where she proceeded, under her own power, to Pearl Harbor. The task group set sail for pre-invasion air strikes and bombardment of Okinawa. Missouri joined her sister ships Wisconsin and New Jersey along with five other battle wagons of Task Force 58 in a sledgehammer bombardment of the southeast coast of Okinawa. The bombardment started at 0800, ceasing at 1500. Missouri lobbed in 180 rounds of 16 inch projectiles, destroying coastal defense installations and military buildings. Missouri rejoined the screen of carriers as air strikes softened up the island for landings. USS Missouri (BB-63) as part of Task Group 58.4 provides air support for the Okinawa campaign, including the invasion itself on April 1.