10/13/1987 The Navy Memorial is dedicated in Washington, DC.
12/9/1987 Missouri anchored at Freemantle, Australia.
12/22/1987 Missouri moored in Sydney, Australia.
1/1/1988 Missouri underway en route to Pearl Harbor in company with the Bunker Hill, Kansas City and Leftwich.
1/10/1988 Missouri moored at Pearl Harbor.
2/17/1988 LtCol. William Higgins, an American officer serving with the United Nations truce monitoring group, was kidnaped in southern Lebanon and later slain by his captors.
2/29/1988 Missouri moored at Long Beach Naval Station.
4/19/1988 Missouri under way for exercises in the southern California operating area.
5/16/1988 Missouri underway for type training in the Southern California operating area.
5/24/1988 Missouri underway for exercises in southern California operating area. She fires a Tomahawk missile for the first time.