Missouri arrives at Ulithi on May 9. On May 14, Captain William M. Callaghan, USN is replaced by Captain Stuart S. Murray, USN, who assumed command of Missouri. At the ceremony of transfer, Captain Callaghan repeated some words he used at Missouri’s commissioning: “Be loyal to God, who created you; to your parents, who bore and raised you; to your wives, children and sweethearts who love you; and to your country, which gave you the opportunity to pursue happiness in liberty. As I said then, I humbly repeat now, that no man can administer this ship without the help of your skill, intelligence and loyalty in pursuing our common responsibility. You have fulfilled your parts well in action against the enemy. You should be proud of what you have accomplished. I am. This ship will have an important future action in this area. I know you will give the same loyal service to your new commanding officer as you gave me.”